Product innovation


BFL is always developing new products based on the characteristics buffalo milk has to offer. Globally, buffalo milk is used primarily for the production of mozzarella. The milk’s special features allow for so much more possibilities that BFL does not want to let undiscovered.

A buffalo blue cheese, buffalo tallegio and buffalo fiore are in their last stages of development.
Let yourself be surprised what will come after.


Buffalicious® is the brand BFL uses in cooperation with partners for development of products with special taste and features.
Based on the exceptional characteristics of our buffalo milk, salads, sauces, drinks, tzaziki, gazpacho, patries and so on were developed. Potato salad and meat salad are examples of products where mayonaise was replaced by buffalo yoghurt. This resulted in a very smooth and particular taste to these products.

Health care and elderly care

Buffalo milk has particular characteristics that can add value to health care and eldery care. In cooperation with dieticians we developed products like miscellaneous deserts with special nutritional values.

We are convinced that cooperating with us could lead something exceptionally delicious.

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