Water buffalos

Primeval beast

In the Netherlands, everything with respect to farming buffalo’s is focussed on keeping these primeval animals in a natural way. These animals don’t allow themselves to be rushed and are very close to nature. Contrarily to regular livestock farming, these animals are not overloaded. Also, use of antibiotics is negligible.
At high temperatures, water buffalo’s cool themselves in water because they do not sweat and breathe through their skin. For that reason, water buffalo’s are fine with the Dutch climate.
Water buffalo’s are to be found around the globe. Their origin is presumably in Asia. It is likely that these animals migrated from Mesopotamia to the Mediterrean area. But there are multiple races to be distinguished. In the Netherlands, by the end of the previous century, water buffalo’s were introduced from Italy.


Buffalo farming in the Netherlands is the ultimate form of slow food. This for example can be seen in the fact that ages and lactation counts of more than 15 years are very common at buffalo farms. All of this combined, contributes to the particular characteristics of buffalo milk. These values provide opportunities to producing special products in terms of taste and health.

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